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29th Annual Dia Euromeeting 2017

Happening 29th Mar 2017 until 31st Mar 2017 in Glasgow

About 29th Annual DIA EuroMeeting 2017

The DIA EuroMeeting allows you to debate the issues across the entire drug development value chain during the conference & find solutions within the exhibition with 2,500+ other cross functional thought leaders. You will hear the latest solutions and challenges in healthcare. You will have plenty of opportunities to network and build relationships with trend setters in e.g. the areas of regulatory science, clinical research and operations, value demonstration leads and patient advocates. The resulting knowledge transfer and lasting partnerships will reduce the burden of regulatory barriers, benefiting your business now and further down the line. Themes such as Innovation, Globalisation and Value & Access will utilise input from top speakers from different faculties to achieve solutions that can be applied in your own real-life settings. Other themes will close with roundtable discussions with the speakers and a summary given by the theme leader. We trust that this additional new format will further strengthen the ability to develop new insights and opinions at our conferences - for your benefit. Theme 1 Globalisation - What are the current successes and challenges? Theme 2 Innovation - What are the key success factors? Theme 3 Current Challenges in Clinical Research Theme 4 eHealth/Big Data/Master- and Reference Data Management Theme 5 Pharmacovigilance Theme 6 Regulatory Science Theme 7 Medical Devices and Combination Products Theme 8 HTA, Value and Access Theme 9 Information on Medicines, Medical Writing and Dossier Generation Theme 10 Special Populations Exhibiting Opportunities at the EuroMeeting. We invite you to take your brand, product or message to the next level by joining an elite group of professionals who have one goal in mind: to help you reach your full potential. 2,500+ individual

Essential information

Exhibitions / Conference and exibition
Member Standard: EUR 2090
29th Mar 2017 until 31st Mar 2017
9:00 am - 3:00 pm

Event contact information

Daniel Hartman
Tel: +41 61 225 51 51
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SECC (Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre)
Exhibition Way
G3 8YW
Phone: 0141 248 3000

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