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Uncovered: Still Homeless, Still An Issue

Happening 10th Feb 2017 until 9th Apr 2017 in Glasgow

About UNCOVERED: still homeless, still an issue

In 35 countries across the world, 110 street papers offer a hand up to people facing homelessness and unemployment. Glasgow is right at the heart of this global movement of social enterprises, as the home of INSP. Join us at this first-of-its-kind exhibition of street paper covers and vendors’ stories, to celebrate the hard work, respect and innovation that goes into creating these life-changing magazines. This interactive show is part of #VendorWeek, INSP’s worldwide celebration of the men and women making a better life for themselves by selling street papers. Created in partnership with ideas agency Equator.

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10th Feb 2017 until 9th Apr 2017
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The Lighthouse
11 Mitchell Lane
G1 3NU

By Laura Dunlop (15)


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