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The Artists Of The West Midlands: A New World

Happening 21st Jan 2017 until 25th Feb 2017 in Glasgow

About The Artists of the West Midlands: A New World

Project Ability is proud to present our first exhibition of 2017, The Artists of the West Midlands: A New World. Co–curated by Project Ability and Tanya Raabe-Webber. This exhibition explores the artwork of six emerging artists from the West Midlands. The artists were mentored and supported in the development of new contexts and avenues for their individual creative practices. Acclaimed award winning artist, and great friend of Project Ability, Tanya Raabe-Webber, has been mentor for the artists and is also the guest curator for this colourful exhibition. The mentoring was supported by DASH’s regional mentoring scheme, Cultivate, a three year programme supporting disabled artists in the West Midlands to develop their professional arts practice. This is the first time learning disabled artists in this region have had access to this kind of support, giving them opportunities to engage in professional arts practices. Each artist has their own clear distinct style and subject matter that interests them. These include trains, cars and motorways, landscapes from another world, mood landscapes, figures from American popular culture, Japanese gardens and culture and museum and art gallery collections based in the West Midlands. There are different styles creatively mingling together in this show, with the overall feeling of the exhibition being one of new parameters of artistic practices and investigations into much loved subjects. Presenting the artists: Rory Baird, Birmingham Ross Prince from Loudwater Studios, Ludlow Mark Lloyd, Wendy Sutton-Lloyd, Alison Picknel and Krisstel Bentley from ArtStudio01 in Shrewsbury, a new emerging inclusive studio collective setup by Tanya Raabe Webber and Alison Picknell.

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Exhibitions / Art Exhibition
21st Jan 2017 until 25th Feb 2017
Tuesday - Saturday, 10am - 5pm
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