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Priorities For Developing Energy Efficiency In Scotland

Happening 18th May 2017 in Edinburgh

About Priorities for developing energy efficiency in Scotland

Priorities for developing energy efficiency in Scotland Thursday, 18th May 2017 Central Edinburgh THIS EVENT IS CPD CERTIFIED Guest of Honour Paul Wheelhouse MSP, Minister for Business, Innovation and Energy, The Scottish Government In light of the Scottish Government’s decision to designate improved energy efficiency within homes and non-domestic building stock as a National Infrastructure Priority, this seminar will provide a timely opportunity to discuss the next steps for improving energy efficiency in Scotland. It follows the publication of the Scottish Government’s energy strategy, and takes place in advance of the new Energy Efficiency Programme (SEEP) due to start in 2018, with delegates focusing on opportunities for reducing energy demand and consumption through increased energy productivity, as well as policy priorities for lowering energy bills and tackling fuel poverty. Further sessions will focus on how the Scottish Government will meet its long-term carbon emissions targets - which are expected to be set out in its forthcoming Climate Change Plan - through improvements in energy efficiency across the transport and energy sectors. We expect speakers and other delegates to be an informed group including members of the Scottish Parliament, senior government officials involved in this area of public policy, together with representatives from the energy supply and efficiency sectors, local government, business and academia, finance and legal, environmental and consumer groups along with further interested parties.

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18th May 2017
9am - 1pm

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Jonny Roberts
Tel: 01344 864796
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